Katie and Scott

Any time I get a chance to take photos in a new place, it’s like Christmas for me. Any time I have clients to want to do things a little differently, it’s like my birthday. So working with Katie and Scott at the Kansas City Maverick’s ice skating rink was like having my birthday on Christmas. It was awesome! Except for the fact that my three-foot stepladder fell out from under my feet toward the beginning of the shoot. I am quite certain that I chipped an elbow bone, which doesn’t sound nearly as painful as it actually is. Or maybe I have a low tolerance for pain. But when the proverbial horse bucks you off and throws you to the ice, you check to make sure you didn’t break your camera, wipe a tear or two from your eyes, make sure your clients know it’s OK to laugh, and then get right back up on that horse (slowly and carefully, of course).

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