Nisha and Eric are Married


Other than my own wedding, of course, this is the most special wedding I’ve ever been a part of. Not only is the groom my wonderful older brother, but the adorable ring bearer is my son and one of the handsome groomsmen is my awesome husband. Oh, and the wedding was in Cancun. Which was aaaah-mazing.


Ooooh, and then AFTER the wedding, we all came back to KC for Nisha and Eric’s wonderful reception at Black on Burlington. Just perfect.



Can’t get enough of Nisha and Eric? I totally understand. Check out their engagement photos!



One thought on “Nisha and Eric are Married

  1. Absolutely beautiful! One thing I have always lobed about your photos is that they make me feel like I was actually there. I don’t know if it’s because I recognize people in these pictures, but not only do I feel like I was actually there, but I also feel like I know and am old friends with Eric and Nisha. Wonderful job to you, friend and amazing job by Eric and Nisha! Their wedding and reception were absolutely gorgeous!!!

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