Stephanie and Ryan are Engaged!

I think this might be the most KC-reppin’ shoot of my career thus far: Union Station. Liberty Memorial. The Crossroads. Loose Park. And a fountain. Maybe when Stephanie and Ryan get married, we can sneak off for a bit and grab some Gates BBQ. Nothing goes better with a wedding dress than BBQ sauce, right?!

But more important than the awesomeness of Kansas City is the awesomeness of Stephanie and Ryan together. I loved witnessing the joyous energy and excitement that they share. And I can’t wait to capture the incredible moments of their upcoming wedding day.

IMG_0023-2 IMG_0064 IMG_0065-2 IMG_0084 IMG_0130-2 IMG_0159 IMG_0171 IMG_0186 IMG_0206 IMG_0222 IMG_0226-2 IMG_0267 IMG_0298-3 IMG_0276-2 IMG_0231 IMG_0354 IMG_0366-2 IMG_0395 IMG_0402 IMG_0405

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