Paige and Jeff are Engaged!

I’ve said it before, and I don’t mind bragging by saying it again: I have awesome clients. The best anyone could ask for. Like Paige and Jeff, for example.

Their engagement session was incredibly enjoyable. They’re a fun, laid-back couple, which makes my job easy. It’s anything but work. But they had a hard time putting on their “serious faces” when I asked. I always enjoy the softer smiles from couples in love, but I soon realized that Paige and Jeff as individuals and as a couple are naturally full of life, laughter, and big smiles — the kind of stuff I soon realized I didn’t want them to tone down.

Happy goodness. Good happiness. Paige and Jeff!

IMG_0021 IMG_0037-2 IMG_0039-2 IMG_0063 IMG_0044-2 IMG_0089 IMG_0119 IMG_0070 IMG_0227 IMG_0251 IMG_0233 IMG_0278 IMG_0271

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