Snow Day Finger Painting

After my 24 Hours of Nathan project, I’ve wanted to focus on a single event and shoot it in color – lots of color! A snow day offered a perfect opportunity.

I realized while shooting that this is the one time I wished Nathan would like to get his hands a bit dirtier. I was secretly hoping that he’d make a giant mess, but he seems to be somewhat bothered by having dirty hands. I know I’m asking for something that I’ll later regret. I’m sure he’ll save the mess for another time when I don’t have my camera around.

fingerpaints01 fingerpaints02 fingerpaints03 fingerpaints04 fingerpaints05 fingerpaints06 fingerpaints07 fingerpaints09 fingerpaints10 fingerpaints12 fingerpaints13 fingerpaints14 fingerpaints15 fingerpaints16 fingerpaints17 fingerpaints18 fingerpaints19 fingerpaints20 fingerpaints22 fingerpaints24

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