Jamie and Chip are Married

When I was in college back in 2004 or 2005, I bought a DSLR (some kind of Canon Rebel, if you must know). After years of shooting still life on my old film camera, I started taking pictures of people. One of the first paying jobs I had was taking family portraits for one of my mom’s co-workers – a wonderfully nice woman named Pam – and her three children, Annie, Andrew, and Chip. These wonderfully photogenic people became the focus of my first online portfolio, which contained approximately 20 photos. My portfolio has evolved considerably since I took their photos, and their family has as well. Annie, Andrew, and Chip are now adults. And last Saturday, Chip married a wonderful woman named Jamie.

This is the story of their day.

Jamie and Chip blog-001 Jamie and Chip blog-002 Jamie and Chip blog-003 Jamie and Chip blog-004 Jamie and Chip blog-005 Jamie and Chip blog-006 Jamie and Chip blog-007 Jamie and Chip blog-008 Jamie and Chip blog-009 Jamie and Chip blog-010 Jamie and Chip blog-011 Jamie and Chip blog-013 Jamie and Chip blog-014 Jamie and Chip blog-015 Jamie and Chip blog-016 Jamie and Chip blog-017 Jamie and Chip blog-018 Jamie and Chip blog-019 Jamie and Chip blog-020 Jamie and Chip blog-021 Jamie and Chip blog-022  Jamie and Chip blog-025Jamie and Chip blog-024 Jamie and Chip blog-026Jamie and Chip blog-027Jamie and Chip blog-028Jamie and Chip blog-029Jamie and Chip blog-030For eternityJamie and Chip blog-032Jamie and Chip blog-034 Jamie and Chip blog-036Jamie and Chip blog-035Jamie and Chip blog-037Jamie and Chip blog-038Jamie and Chip blog-039Jamie and Chip blog-040Jamie and Chip blog-041Jamie and Chip blog-042Jamie and Chip blog-043Jamie and Chip blog-044Jamie and Chip blog-045Jamie and Chip blog-046Jamie and Chip blog-047Jamie and Chip blog-049Jamie and Chip blog-051Jamie and Chip blog-052Jamie and Chip blog-053Jamie and Chip blog-055Jamie and Chip blog-056Jamie and Chip blog-057Jamie and Chip blog-059Jamie and Chip blog-060Jamie and Chip blog-061Jamie and Chip blog-062Jamie and Chip blog-063Jamie and Chip blog-064Jamie and Chip blog-065Jamie and Chip blog-066

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