Vance Joy and Young the Giant – Midland Theater – Kansas City

What an incredible night. Kansas City’s most beautiful live music venue, two incredibly talented musical groups, and my camera. As a music lover and a photographer, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Vance Joy –

Vance Joy and YTG-001Vance Joy and YTG-005Vance Joy and YTG-006Vance Joy and YTG-004Vance Joy and YTG-008Vance Joy and YTG-010Vance Joy and YTG-015Vance Joy and YTG-028Vance Joy and YTG-020Vance Joy and YTG-031Vance Joy and YTG-022Vance Joy and YTG-026Vance Joy and YTG-027  

Young the Giant – http://www.youngthegiant.comVance Joy and YTG-057Vance Joy and YTG-032Vance Joy and YTG-061Vance Joy and YTG-049Vance Joy and YTG-033Vance Joy and YTG-060Vance Joy and YTG-035Vance Joy and YTG-056Vance Joy and YTG-036Vance Joy and YTG-037Vance Joy and YTG-038Vance Joy and YTG-039Vance Joy and YTG-040Vance Joy and YTG-055Vance Joy and YTG-041Vance Joy and YTG-044Vance Joy and YTG-042Vance Joy and YTG-048Vance Joy and YTG-051Vance Joy and YTG-045Vance Joy and YTG-052Vance Joy and YTG-058Vance Joy and YTG-059

Special thanks to We Are Unified for allowing me to photograph such an amazing night of incredible music.

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