Excene and Tyler are Engaged

Tyler is the closest thing to a little brother that I’ve ever had. I’ve known him since he was in elementary school – ever since his sister Lacy became one of my best friends. So I have a special place in my heart for him; it makes me incredibly happy to know that he has found a wonderful, beautiful woman to share his life with. It’s been a joy getting to know Excene over the past couple of years (typically at sports bars where we watch Mizzou football games with mutual friends – a.k.a. our parents). Excene is a truly beautiful person and a wonderful fit for my honorary little brother. I loved taking these photos for them in some of the most photogenic areas of KC. And with their gorgeous dog, Armani. And his tie.

excene and tyler-001 excene and tyler-002 excene and tyler-003 excene and tyler-004 excene and tyler-005 excene and tyler-006 excene and tyler-008 excene and tyler-009 excene and tyler-010 excene and tyler-011 excene and tyler-012 excene and tyler-013 excene and tyler-014 excene and tyler-015 excene and tyler-016 exene and tyler-17  excene and tyler-018



Special thanks to my rockstar lighting assistant, Michelle Kabrick, for all her hard work – and for making sure none of us were hit by a car.  🙂

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