Merritt and John’s Wedding

Merritt and John’s wedding day was simply beautiful. They traveled from Boston to Kansas City (Merritt’s hometown) along with tons of friends and family members from the east coast and beyond to celebrate their love with style and class. Kicking off the day with first looks with Merritt and John, as well as Merritt and her father, the day was filled with laughter, happy tears, great music, LOTS of dancing, and a gorgeous 1954 Bentley. Needless to say, it rocked.

The ceremony at Curé of Ars in Leawood , KS was thoughtfully and beautifully conducted, complete with two of the most amazing singers I have ever heard at a wedding. Seriously, they sounded like they were recording a Disney princess movie soundtrack. I want them to sing at every wedding I photograph and attend for the rest of my life. How do I make that happen?

After the ceremony, the wedding party hopped aboard a trolley and headed to the reception site – Mission Hills Country Club. I must admit that I had never been to Mission Hills before, but I hope I’ll have a chance to work there again soon. There were so many fantastic locations for wedding party formals: the golf course grounds, the street leading to the country club, the staircase, and the floor-to-ceiling windows were just perfect! Locations like this make photographers drool. I know, because I did.

After shooting weddings for the past six years, there is one thing I know for sure: reception entertainment will make or break the reception photos. Without solid entertainment, guests typically won’t dance. And when guests don’t dance, the photos aren’t quite as lively. Thankfully, Merritt and John hired an AMAZING band to keep the reception rocking and the guests dancing all night long. Adding to the awesome band, one of Merritt’s young students from Boston played piano and sang beautifully for cocktail hour and their first dance. I loved all of the personal touches like this that they included in their wedding day. And I loved being able to witness and document every moment and detail.

Congratulations to Merritt and John as they start their lives together as husband and wife!

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Many, MANY thanks to Anne Canon ( for being an incredible second shooter for this awesome day.

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Alexis and Jason’s Wedding at The Stanley

Alexis and Jason’s fabulous wedding day took place at one of my favorite venues in Kansas City – The Stanley Event space. This gorgeous event space in my home town is operated by an amazingly friendly and hospitable family that is always a joy to work with. I know going into a wedding at The Stanley that the bride and groom are guaranteed to have a perfect wedding. That’s exactly what happened with Alexis and Jason. Even when the rain poured down prior to starting wedding party formals, all was well. We found great spots around the venue to photograph the group, and Cindy (owner of The Stanley) bottled some of the rain water to give to them as a keepsake from their wedding day – rain is good luck, you know!

The details included a beautiful wedding cake by Delicious Design KC and absolutely gorgeous floral arrangements by Amy of Victorian Gardens. Then adding even MORE awesomeness to the day, Alexis and Jason marched back down the aisle to the Mizzou fight song. I had a great time chanting “Hooray! Hurrah! Mizzou! Mizzou!” behind my camera as I clicked away. I say it almost daily, and I always mean it: I have awesome clients.

After the ceremony, there was a fantastic party with plenty of dancing, and an awesome kid who knew ALL of the lyrics to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” Yesssss! At the end of the night, after the monsoon had subsided, I enjoyed snapping some photos of the newlyweds in the streets of downtown Lee’s Summit.

alexis and jason blog-042alexis and jason blog-001alexis and jason blog-002alexis and jason blog-004alexis and jason blog-005alexis and jason blog-006alexis and jason blog-007alexis and jason blog-008alexis and jason blog-009alexis and jason blog-012alexis and jason blog-013alexis and jason blog-016alexis and jason blog-014alexis and jason blog-017alexis and jason blog-018alexis and jason blog-019alexis and jason blog-020alexis and jason blog-021alexis and jason blog-023alexis and jason blog-024alexis and jason blog-025alexis and jason blog-026alexis and jason blog-027alexis and jason blog-028alexis and jason blog-029alexis and jason blog-030alexis and jason blog-031alexis and jason blog-033alexis and jason blog-034alexis and jason blog-035alexis and jason blog-036alexis and jason blog-037alexis and jason blog-011alexis and jason blog-038alexis and jason blog-039alexis and jason blog-040alexis and jason blog-041alexis and jason blog-043alexis and jason blog-044alexis and jason blog-045alexis and jason blog-046alexis and jason blog-047alexis and jason blog-048alexis and jason blog-049alexis and jason blog-050alexis and jason blog-051alexis and jason blog-052alexis and jason blog-053alexis and jason blog-055alexis and jason blog-056alexis and jason blog-057alexis and jason blog-058alexis and jason blog-059alexis and jason blog-060alexis and jason blog-062alexis and jason blog-061alexis and jason blog-063alexis and jason blog-065alexis and jason blog-064alexis and jason blog-066alexis and jason blog-067alexis and jason blog-068alexis and jason blog-069alexis and jason blog-070alexis and jason blog-071

Paige and Jeff’s Awesome Wedding

Start with a gorgeous, laid-back bride and groom, add an incredibly fun wedding party, a beautiful venue, and perfect weather. Mix in dozens of joyful moments, lots of dancing, and a great party. This is the recipe for a phenomenal wedding. And Paige and Jeff had every ingredient.


Many thanks to Matthew Taylor of for photographing part of the day with me.

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Andria and Travis are Married

The day that you promise your love and commit your life to your best friend is, of course, a beautiful and unforgettable day. It’s a day that you may have been dreaming of for years — and planning for nearly as long. Every detail falls into place perfectly. And the very first moment of your new life together is celebrated among hundreds of your closest friends and family members. How amazing is that?!

“Amazing” is certainly a word I would use to describe Andria and Travis’ wedding day. And “chilly” would come to mind as well, but if you know me, that’s synonymous with “perfect weather.”

Perfect day. Priceless moments. Stunningly gorgeous bride. Wonderful couple. What an honor it was for me to be able to capture such an incredible, emotional, and enjoyable day!

IMG_0002-2IMG_0015IMG_0031-2IMG_0059-2IMG_0070-2IMG_0074             IMG_0161 IMG_0165IMG_0232-2 IMG_0289 IMG_0324 IMG_0323 IMG_0327 IMG_0336
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Nisha and Eric are Married


Other than my own wedding, of course, this is the most special wedding I’ve ever been a part of. Not only is the groom my wonderful older brother, but the adorable ring bearer is my son and one of the handsome groomsmen is my awesome husband. Oh, and the wedding was in Cancun. Which was aaaah-mazing.


Ooooh, and then AFTER the wedding, we all came back to KC for Nisha and Eric’s wonderful reception at Black on Burlington. Just perfect.



Can’t get enough of Nisha and Eric? I totally understand. Check out their engagement photos!



Hannah and Andrew

I met Hannah at the Perfect Wedding Guide vendor show in the fall. I knew as soon as she sat down and talked to me that I wanted to be her wedding photographer. I had a feeling that her wedding would be different from most weddings I shoot. I like different. I need different. I feel like everyone should throw some non-traditional aspects into their wedding day. Make it your day. That’s what it’s all about. And that’s just what Hannah and Andrew did. It was exactly what I needed for my first wedding of 2011 – a year that I expect to be my “blooming” year.

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