Nick’s Epic Senior Session | Downtown Kansas City Senior Photos

I’ve never sat down and counted the many factors that come into play for a successful photo session. There are dozens; I know that. A few of the most crucial are natural lighting angles, location access, weather, opportunities and abilities for off-camera lighting setup, my creative flow and vision for the shot, and the subject’s comfort level in front of the camera. I think of all these things like the sliders lined across a soundboard. On any given day, these sliders can be all over the place. Maybe we’ll have awesome light at an angle that doesn’t work with the direction of the wind. Maybe we’ll show up to a secluded location I thought no one else knew about, and find a handful of photo sessions taking place in all the good spots. Many of the variables are beyond my control, so I make adjustments as necessary to optimize the situation.

But with Nick’s senior portrait session, every slider on that metaphorical soundboard was dialed up to 11. He was an incredibly confident and stylish subject. He trusted my ideas. We had access to some unique locations as well as some public areas where we encountered not another human soul. We had a perfectly overcast day (my absolute favorite type of natural light) with the clouds breaking right at sunset, soaking the the Kansas City skyline with rich warm tones as the buildings lit up for the night. We had a couple incredibly hot cars to shoot with. It was epic, start to finish.