Charles – Our Brothers Keeper

Working with complete strangers can be one of the most intimidating aspects of what I do. Luckily, Charles immediately became a friend. Meeting him first in the Destiny Audio recording studio as he laid down some tracks for a very personal song about his experience as a Marine deployed in Iraq meant that he was bearing his soul to me within minutes of meeting him. I learned so much about him with just a few verses and a chorus of lyrics. He earned my respect and admiration for the things he has witnessed and experienced that I will never come close to understanding. And he allowed me the honor of documenting some of his time in a pretty badass studio, so he gets points for that too.

During our promo shoot a few days later, I learned a lot more about who he is and his goals with his music career. It’s touching to learn about his passion for music as a form of healing. I hope that’s what it does for him. He deserves it. He deserves good things. Always.

Recording a track at Destiny Audio:

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Promo photos in the Crossroads and at Liberty Memorial:

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