Alexis and Jason’s Wedding at The Stanley

Alexis and Jason’s fabulous wedding day took place at one of my favorite venues in Kansas City – The Stanley Event space. This gorgeous event space in my home town is operated by an amazingly friendly and hospitable family that is always a joy to work with. I know going into a wedding at The Stanley that the bride and groom are guaranteed to have a perfect wedding. That’s exactly what happened with Alexis and Jason. Even when the rain poured down prior to starting wedding party formals, all was well. We found great spots around the venue to photograph the group, and Cindy (owner of The Stanley) bottled some of the rain water to give to them as a keepsake from their wedding day – rain is good luck, you know!

The details included a beautiful wedding cake by Delicious Design KC and absolutely gorgeous floral arrangements by Amy of Victorian Gardens. Then adding even MORE awesomeness to the day, Alexis and Jason marched back down the aisle to the Mizzou fight song. I had a great time chanting “Hooray! Hurrah! Mizzou! Mizzou!” behind my camera as I clicked away. I say it almost daily, and I always mean it: I have awesome clients.

After the ceremony, there was a fantastic party with plenty of dancing, and an awesome kid who knew ALL of the lyrics to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” Yesssss! At the end of the night, after the monsoon had subsided, I enjoyed snapping some photos of the newlyweds in the streets of downtown Lee’s Summit.

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